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We are building a global network of labs where people accelerate and scale the impact of their humanitarian aid, global development and environmental protection efforts using appropriate robotics solutions. Robots, such as drones, are radically transforming multiple industries through rapid and dramatic gains in efficiency and productivity. We want to create the same impact in a responsible and meaningful way by building local capacity and incubating new businesses in developing countries.

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We co-create local innovation labs – Flying Labs – in developing and at-risk countries to accelerate and scale the impact of our partners’ humanitarian, development, health and environmental efforts through the use of appropriate robotics solutions. We do this together with our local partners – universities, not-for-profit groups, community organizations and/or local government – and with our tech partners – robotics manufacturers, associated technology companies and research institutes.

We follow the Drone Code of Conduct for Social Good and use a four-phased framework to co-create our global network of labs. Through this framework our labs can quickly deploy and use aerial robotics, maritime robotics and terrestrial robotics for a range of local applications such as data collection and cargo transportation. Our framework is also available as a “start-up” kit for selected partners who wish to co-create their own local Flying Labs.