Who We Are:

We believe that liberating data on aid and development can be transformational. It can facilitate inclusive dialogue, enable decisions based on evidence and challenge us to assess progress more rigorously.

But supplying more data alone is not enough. It is people - citizens, scholars, government and donor officials - that give information purpose and put it to work for positive change in our world.

AidData not only publishes a comprehensive development finance data portal, but invests in creating tools, analysis and training that makes this information useful in research, program planning and advocacy.

We work with donors, governments and civil society groups to build their confidence and skills in incorporating data on development resources and results within their daily work.

What We Offer:

AidData equips policymakers with better evidence through the use of geospatial data for impact evaluation. We are investing in the development of next-generation social, economic, environmental, and governance outcome measures that can be tracked over time and at high levels of spatial resolution. We manage GEO, a high-powered spatial data repository and extraction tool, allowing anyone to easily obtain customized datasets that fuse together georeferenced investment data with outcome measures.

When geocoded program data are fused with spatially-referenced survey, in-situ, and remotely sensed data on outcomes like poverty, disease, conflict, governance, and environmental degradation, evaluators can use quasi-experimental methods of causal identification that control for potential confounds and omitted variables at fine geographic levels, thereby addressing longstanding critiques of evaluations that do not employ randomization methods. These geospatial impact evaluation (GIE) methods create new opportunities to rigorously measure programmatic impact at a substantially lower time and financial cost.

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