Evidence for Policy Design at Harvard Kennedy School (EPoD)

Evidence for Policy Design at Harvard Kennedy School (EPoD)

Who We Are:

EPoD comprises a network of scholars, practitioners, staff and students at Harvard and across the developing world. We work closely with public and private in-country partners to identify problems and generate rigorous evidence that enables the design and implementation of effective policy solutions, and we teach our methods both in the classroom and the field. Under the direction of Harvard professors Asim Ijaz Khwaja, Rohini Pande, and Rema Hanna, EPoD leverages its unique position at Harvard Kennedy School to forge partnerships with senior policymakers from all parts of the world and implement evidence-based reform.

What We Offer:

Based on the premise that government will serve citizens better when policymakers believe in evidence and know how to use it, EPoD has developed capacity-building courses designed to instill an appreciation of evidence and skills for its use among policy decision-makers. Based on trainee needs assessments and in collaboration with pedagogical experts at Harvard Kennedy School, we created six digital learning units that teach frameworks and practical skills to apply data and research evidence to policy decision-making. These courses employ a blended-learning model, combining online learning and in-person instruction, and leverage learner data to inform in-class teaching. Individual “data champions” have emerged as success stories following our trainings, and 73.5% of trainees who responded to a follow-up survey say they use evidence on the job more frequently than before completing training. Lastly, our training engagements frequently spur policy-research collaborations, and we have developed a library of in-class exercises based on our pilot projects.

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