The Zambulance is a low cost way to comfortably transport patients for medical treatment. It contains a mattress and is completely covered by cloth with a side flap for access. The Zambulance can be pulled by any bicycle.

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Since expanding into Uganda, we've distributed 105 units in various regions spanning the country. In a study of 21 ambulances, each zambulance was estimated to provide treatment for an average of 15 individuals per year that likely would not have received treatment otherwise. During a four-month period, 40 Zambulances were tested in various African communities. Caregivers reported using the trailers 82 times, and classified 86 percent of those trips as “lifesaving.”; Another study determined that a Zambulance saves one life for every nine days it is in use.

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According to a recent study, over 60 percent of people in developing countries live more than eight kilometers (five miles) from a healthcare facility and don't own cars or have access to motorized ambulance services. When they require urgent medical attention, they often have to walk, are loaded into an ox cart or wheelbarrow, or have to sit on the rack of a bicycle.